Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah Howrah

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah is a premier co-educational day school located in Liluah, Howrah, India.  It is a Senior-Secondary school affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and has the total strength of over 3000 students.

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah is one of the most prestigious schools in Howrah region. Founded as a Public School in 2011 in Howrah, Liluah , it is a private institution run by the S.N.R. Memorial school. The genesis of Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah lies in the year 2011, when a group of eminent educationist and philosophers like Mr. Sudhakar Nath Tiwari and Mr. Mahesh Kumar Singh laid its foundation as an educational organization, engaged in imparting education at pre-primary, primary, secondary levels. The school is situated in Liluah (Howrah district in West Bengal), The school is following to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is the largest educational board in the country. It is recognized by the Department of Education, Govt. of NCT Delhi and the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. Over 5000 schools in India, are members of the Board.

It is believed that every child has got immense talent and creativity and is a human asset so it should be protected and nourished. Creativity and spontaneity can neither be directly produced nor be externally injected into an organism. However there is a possibility of bringing into existence a climate sociological, psychological and educational in which creativity, originality and spontaneity will blossom. Hence the main mission of the school is:-
  • To maintain physical health.
  • To have scientific attitude.
  • To think philosophically.
  • To enable the child to enquire intellectually and analytically.
  • To practice moral goodness.
  • To build enlightened and successful citizen of tomorrow.
At present the school is running its pre-primary and primary section at a premises situated at 241/4 G.T road , Liluah, Howrah, while the secondary level till class VIII (eight) is conducted at another premises situated at 241/43 G.T road , Liluah, Howrah, both are at a stone throw distance with each other. At present the total strength of the school is around 3000 students , which is believed as a considerable growth and achievement in 5 years.
The school provides the required infrastructure to conduct the school in the line with the recommendation of C.B.S.E. The entire facility is planned to make it comfortable for the children and a place for fun and learning. Classes are equipped with all the important amenities essential for conducting modern education. Computer lab, science lab, library, cultural lab, math’s lab, as well as seminar hall for interactions, debate, and socio- cultural programs are the most relevant features of the infrastructure.

SMIL worked systematically to make the educative process more participative and enjoyable. Home assignments are not a carry-over of class work but oriented towards honing individual talents. These include reference books for reading, sports and physical development, general knowledge, civic responsibilities, talent cultivation etc. We believe that when education is force-fed, the student begins to dislike the process of learning, and dread examinations and homework. The conventional “teacher-to-student” or one-way method of teaching is giving way to active involvement of the students in the learning process through group workshops, where the teacher co-ordinates and facilitates the process. Quality education for every student and well-rounded development is the sole aim of our academic approach. Our onus on learning ensures that children limit their dependence on private tuitions. We provide individual attention to encourage self-learning, while developing the mind, body and spirit.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

10 best pieces of advice about making money

1. In a free market economy, anyone can make as much money as they want.
2. Your background, highest level of education, or IQ is irrelevant when it comes to earning money.
3. The fastest way to make money is to solve a problem. The bigger the problem you solve, the more money you make.
4. Don't listen to the naysayers who tell you that life is supposed to be a struggle and that you should settle and be grateful for what you have.
5. Expect to make more money. For this one you have to think big. $100,000, $500,000, or why not $1 million?
6. Lose the fear and scarcity mindset and start seeing money for all the good things: freedom, opportunity, possibility, and abundance.
7. Being rich isn't a privilege. Being rich is a right. If you create massive value for others, you have the right to be as rich as you want.
8. Don't wait for your ship to come in. You're not going to be discovered, saved, or made rich by an outside force. If you want a lot of money, build your own ship. No one is coming to the rescue.
9. Stop worrying about running out of money and focus on how to make more. Constantly worrying about money is no way to live. Dream about money, instead.
10. Stop telling yourself that getting rich is outside of your control. The truth is that making money is an inside job.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Peshawar School Attack in Pakistan - Where we are moving????

The attack on innocent school children at Peshawar in Pakistan was a very shameful act by the Taliban. Its inhuman, very horrific and unimaginable act. How can they do this in the name of religion.

When I heard about the attack I was shocked. Even during war school and hospitals are not attacked. Looking at the images that came after the attack, my heart was bleeding.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My idea of right and wrong changed forever

Source: http://www.riseforindia.com

It was the summer of 2009; college life was still in the honeymoon period.  On a bright Monday morning, I sat all joyous and excited in the classroom, waiting for life’s first interview assignment. However, within an hour, it changed to a strange feeling; a blend of fear, uncertainty and reluctance. The task was to visit a sex worker from Sonagacchi (Asia’s largest brothel) and know her story. ‘Red light area’-I murmured to myself. What was it like? What about the women who live there? Why are they there? How do they look? How do they talk? Would I be safe?

In another hour, I was sitting face to face with a woman in her 40s. Swapna Das, she called herself. She looked liked those same familiar faces I see every day;  only, a little more tired, with  her dirk circles and wrinkles  a bit more prominent. I didn’t know from where to start, which she understood and laughed. “Let me tell you my story”-she said, and looked straight into my eyes. I looked at her too, and for once, I felt, I’ve never seen so much of truth in anyone’s eyes before.

“I was 15, when my father got me married. He was an irregular earner, and even when he did, he spent most of it in his drinks.   I remember girls from my neighborhood going to school; how badly I wanted to be one of them! Marriage is supposed to be showered upon a woman like blessings, but to me it came like a shock. But on the other hand, I thought, maybe this would save me from this life where I run short of everything. A nice family, loving parents, even enough food! Little did I know, I was getting married to another drunkard drug-addict beast, who would remember to practice the rights of a husband only when he needs sex.

We had no money, & I needed to earn. Therefore, I started serving as a maid in a family which lived in the same locality. The family consisted of the owner of the house, his son & daughter-in-law.
I was used to poverty, maltreatments from family members. BUT! Being sexually abused was something new which started taking place. Both the men in family would find excuses to touch me, and it soon turned to forceful molestations.

I was in need of money and couldn’t quit working. But I was scared too, the place wasn’t safe for me anymore. But then, where would I return? I had no reason to think that home was a batter place to stay. Scared and helpless, one day I decided to run away. One night when everyone fell asleep, I packed the little belongings and silently came out. I didn’t know where to go. But one thing I was sure of. I didn’t want to be caught. I started running.

Now I feel, I shouldn’t have run that way. May be a calm walk would’ve led me to some better place. That night, I reached the bank of Ganges in sometime. I could faintly recognize a slum. It was the Kumartuli Brothel, I didn’t know then. I waited there, till morning arrived. AND! Never could I escape from that place. Early morning, a man spotted me at the ferry, half asleep-half awake. I was innocent, and may be stupid enough, to tell him everything. I needed help. He was keen to ‘help me’, and even keener to help himself with some money. He took me to another woman. She lived in a strange house, with countless number of rooms, as small as cages.

I thought I was going to be hired as a maid again, and I wasn’t quite sad about it. However, only in a couple of hours, it was clear to me as soon as I was ordered to ‘dress well’ and stand at the door. I started crying, screaming, and begging to let me go. But this time, I failed. They locked me inside a room.
I know, we prostitutes are hated, disrespected, and often made fun of. When you criticize a woman for her rotten character, you compare her with us. How many of you know, that many of us treat our ill and aged parents with the money we earn? We send money, & the money is accepted. But, we aren’t allowed to show up in front family members. How many of you know, that many of us regularly donate money to various organizations who look after slum children? & many of you know don’t even know why we’re here. It is never our choice.

We’re often asked if given a chance, we would go back to the mainstream of society. The answer is a big NO. Your society has failed to give us education, family, livelihood. All it does is to act as a moral police at times. I sell my body, and I got enough guts to admit that. I don’t steal. I am not dishonest. I don’t beg for money either. I sell what belongs to me, is solely mine. I’ve two sons. One is 16 years old, another is 10. They don’ t know who their fathers are, but they definitely know who their mother is. I want to ensure proper education for them.  When they grow up, they’ll understand that bringing them up wasn’t an easy task for me.

It’s funny how the same so called ‘gentlemen’ who visit brothels frequently, turn to honest and responsible family-men during daytime. It’s amazing how parents advice their children not to mix up or play with our children in schools, at play-grounds. It’s worth noticing how people look at us in public transports. Yes, it gives us a good feeling; for the fact, that we’re better as human beings, than a lot many. For the fact, that we won’t let our children grow up as mean minded personalities who can’t help but can only hurt. We’re glad we are not hypocrites.
When you write about us, Please write, that we don’t require sympathy from those who know nothing about our struggle.  That would only make them great, and us, heinous creatures.”

P.S:  From that day, my idea of right and wrong changed forever. Each word she spoke felt as if I was being slapped hard. Or may be, we all were; being slapped on our notions, on how we see, judge, conclude things.  This, perhaps, was one of those thousand stories we’re unaware of. & neither do we try knowing. Our conventions have taught us to condemn them from surroundings, knowledge and even from our thoughts.

Just one little sensitive heart and a hand full of love could bring a change to your perspective next time. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Political Parties fail to implement RTI Act

Political Parties fail to implement RTI Act

CIC issues show-cause notices to six political parties for non-compliance hearing on Nov 21st
The Central Information Commission (CIC) has fixed November 21, 2014 for a hearing on non-compliance by six political parties of its full-bench verdict dated June 3 last year declaring six national political parties as public authorities under the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

The CIC, a statutory body, had held on June 3rd 2013 that the INC, BJP, CPI (M), CPI, NCP and BSP have been substantially financed by the Central Government under section 2(h) (ii) of the RTI Act. The criticality of the role being played by these Political Parties in our democratic set up and the nature of duties performed by them also point towards their public character, bringing them in the ambit of section 2(h). The constitutional and legal provisions discussed in the CIC decision also point towards their character as public authorities.

Accordingly, these political parties were directed to designate Chief Public Information Officers (CPIOs) and the Appellate Authorities at their headquarters in six weeks’ time. The CPIOs so appointed were required to respond to the RTI applications extracted in the CIC’s order in four weeks’ time.
However, it’s been more than 17 months since the CIC’s order and till now none of the six political parties has complied with the CIC’s order, nor has any of them taken any other recourse such as approaching the courts against the decision of the Commission, nor adopted any of the procedures for processing the RTI application as given in the transparency law.

This is a clear case of open defiance of a statutory authority by the six political parties and is not conducive to the functioning of a democratic society. This non-compliance has a very serious detrimental effect on the state of democracy in the country at large and has created a sense of cynicism and pessimism in the population at large, creating the impression in the minds of the people at large that the rule of law exists only for the common persons, and all institutions and people who enjoy some authority, formal or informal, and political parties in particular, are above the law.

This is an extremely serious consequence for our society and its detrimental impact can be catastrophic.

The hearing at the CIC is scheduled for 4:00 PM.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Black Money 123 Name of Account Holders

BJP govt shifting goal post to save face on black money foreign bank
account holders

In its latest turnaround, the BJP-led central government has now indicated that might disclose a limited number of names, cherry picked from the list of foreign bank account holders possessed by the government through formal/informal sources . This is clearly an exercise to save its face.

The central government’s move raises the following key questions:

1.Why only these 136 names ?

People of the country believe that the previous Congress-led UPA government had things to hide and blocked the disclosure of names. Now, with BJP government’s similar reluctance in sharing the names gives rise to a reasonable apprehension about its real intentions. By cherry-picking a set of names and concealing others, it has further confirmed the belief that the BJP is hell-bent on saving some of the influential people appearing in those lists. The truth is - there is no law in India or treaty with any country that stops the Indian government from taking action against the possessors of illicit money.

2. BJP playing politics on the issue ?

Two recent developments have confirmed that the BJP wants to play politics over theissue of black money, rather than solving it. First, is the central government’s turnaround on the non-disclosure of some names and second is the cherry-picking of names to scorepolitical points. The Aam Aadmi Party is of the clear view that anyone who possesses illicit money, irrespective of his/her affiliation with any political party, must be brought to book. Politics should not be played, rather the promise made by Mr Rajnath Singh of bringing back every penny of black money sitting abroad within 150 days of coming to power, and that of Mr Modi of attributing such money to every citizen to the tune of Rs.15-20 Lakh per person, should be worked towards.

3. Double Tax Avoidance Treaty is not the issue-A matter already settled by the Supreme Court 

The Supreme Court in its judgement on 4th July 2011 after perusing the double Tax Avoidance
Agreement between India and Germany emphatically conveyed that there provision or hindrance
in the agreement that limits the disclosure of information. The SC also pointed, such a plea is
untenable as no agreement can limit infringe upon the principles laid down in our constitution.
Extract of para 58 of the judgement: “
The above clause in the relevant agreement with Germany would indicate that, contrary to the assertions of Union of India, there is no absolute bar of secrecy. Comity of nations cannot be predicated upon clauses of secrecy that could hinder constitutional proceedings such as these, or criminal proceedings”.

4. Intentional disregard of United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)

India, Germany and Switzerland – all are signatories to the UNCAC which emphatically
empowers the two countries on following counts:

  • UN Convention Against Corruption gives full sanction to make simple changes in the laws of our country to tackle black money menace permanently
  • UN Convention Against Corruption overrides ‘bank secrecy laws’
  • UN Convention Against Corruption empowers to freeze, seize and confiscate illicit money
  • UN Convention Against Corruption on Mutual Assistance by different tax jurisdictions
  • It is indeed surprising to see that the BJP government is disregarding the UNCAC, rather than using it to its benefit and prosecute those who possess illicit money.